How much is a towing service manila?

Medium vehicles (weighing between 4501 kg and 7500 kg): 2,500 pesos for the first four km. Heavy vehicles weighing 7,501 kg or more have an initial fee of 4,500 pesos for the first four kilometers and 200 additional pesos for each subsequent kilometer. P200 will be charged per kilometer, the only difference is in the weight of the vehicle. Another popular car towing service is Motor Trust Towing Services.

Currently, his Facebook page has more than nineteen thousand followers and has 3.9 of 5 ratings. Like Protech, Motor Trust also has other services related to car care, such as car repair, insurance claim assistance, and can also provide comprehensive auto insurance. A) MMDA Road Emergency Group Cranes: Only allowed to tow stalled vehicles involved in accidents. The services of these trucks are free of charge.

The MMDA, however, imposes a fine of $1,000 to $2,000 for illegal parking plus storage fees. In addition to the penalty, a standard towing fee is charged. It's frustrating to tow your car without having to know how much the service actually costs. In addition to transporting vehicles, Viray Towing Services can also transport heavy machinery and container vans.

In addition to transport vehicles, Viray Towing Services can also ship overwhelming hardware and container vans. Returning to the MMDA and its fleet of cranes, it is important to remember that the government agency has two types of cranes in its fleet. The MMDA also authorizes 148 cranes from 35 private companies to tow vehicles illegally parked in Metro Manila. First, the MMDA requires crane operators to alert the government agency's MetroBase if they are going to perform a fastening or towing operation.

Protect yourself and your vehicle against unscrupulous crane companies by knowing the rules and regulations of towing in the Philippines. While it's not exactly a towing service per se, the Philippine Automobile Association or AAP is actually a car club. However, a towing fee will be paid to the tow truck according to the number of kilometers from the point of origin to the gas station. Any damage or missing parts incurred while towing the vehicle is the responsibility of the towing company, according to the MMDA.

The same is true when your car insurance policy includes a free emergency towing service (subject to coverage limits) as a benefit. Another thing to remember is that the MMDA and its accredited list of towing companies also have several types of cranes at their disposal. Towing services in the country are strictly supervised by the Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA), so it's rare to pay more than you're supposed to pay today. While Pro-tech is not as old as the aforementioned towing company, it has the advantage of being able to offer painting and body repair services, auto insurance (Alpha Car Insurance), repair and tuning services.

Now that you have knowledge about towing rules and regulations in the Philippines, assert your rights because you now know what to do when your car is being towed.