Can an automatic be towed in neutral?

Most automatic transmissions cannot be towed or pushed with the drive wheels resting on the ground, even if the transmission is in neutral, because automatic transmissions rely on an engine-driven pump to lubricate the transmission and avoid damaging the clutch packs, gaskets and other components. If you are using a rolling platform for vehicles, both front wheels will be raised off the ground. Simply place the vehicle in the parking lot and tow. If all four wheels are on the ground, your vehicle must be equipped with a suitable towing device to prevent the transmission from rotating without proper lubrication.

Simply placing the vehicle in a standstill will not prevent it from being damaged. In an emergency, you can start the vehicle and let it run, with the transmission in neutral, while you tow it. This will keep the transmission lubricated, but is not recommended for extended trailers. Therefore, no, placing the car in neutral does not allow you to tow an automatic car with a tow rope. Modern automated manual gearboxes can generally be towed flat, although conventional automatic gearboxes often have speed and distance restrictions that prevent them from being towed.

Towing manual transmissions while the car is “parked” puts them at risk of serious damage. Only neutral towing of these vehicles is allowed. On the other hand, the trailer can force automatic transmissions to travel in the opposite direction, since they do not disengage while the vehicle is in “neutral state”. You may have seen a car being towed by a tow truck with two of its tires lifted off the road and the other two still on the road.

If the transmission fails, or if the vehicle is going to be towed more than 15 miles (25 km), the vehicle must be towed with the front wheels lifted off the ground. As an alternative to a tow bar or a rolling truck, you can tow any type of vehicle without worrying about the transmission using a trailer. Whether towing a manual or an automatic vehicle, they will ensure professionalism while handling your enquiry with appropriate guidance and advice. Kings Car Towing has professional drivers who can help you with any type of vehicle breakdown or emergency service.

If you need to tow an automatic car because it has broken down or is considered to be unsafe to drive, you might think that the easiest method to use is a tow rope. Before starting a towing project or using a vehicle to tow another vehicle that has broken down, it's critical to understand the type of transmission system you have. One of the first things that crane drivers are taught is not to tow with the drive wheels turning with an automatic transmission. The car being towed is pulled behind another car or truck by a tow rope, and has all four tires on the road.