Does using a tow dolly add miles to your car?

If you're towing a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, then yes, you may be adding miles to your vehicle's odometer. A flatbed trailer doesn't add miles to the odometer; however, it does add wear and tear to the rest of the vehicle. In addition, as the wheels keep turning and moving, the other connected parts will continue to suffer damage as if they were used normally. There are a few factors that influence this response.

The first is the type of car you have. If your car has an electric odometer, towing it behind another vehicle won't add miles to the odometer reading. This is because the distance traveled is calculated by sensors in the wheels and not by the actual physical movement of the gears, as in a mechanical odometer. When towing a car on a rolling platform, just like when towing with four wheels, the reverse gear cannot be used.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you will surely be able to unhook a vehicle with 4 falls more easily. You wouldn't need to figure out what to do with the towing platform. These systems can lift the wheel or be locked around the vehicle's axle; these systems are designed to tow the car as a trailer would normally be towed behind the motorhome. The advantage of a rolling platform trailer is that it is less likely to damage the car's transmission than towing on a flat platform.

Because RV towing is only popular in the United States, most cars manufactured by American manufacturers have special configurations to be towed. Mostly in dollars, but as we mentioned above, we also thought that towing 4 times wouldn't protect our MINI as well as if it were mounted on a towing platform. If your towed vehicle is damaged or destroyed for any reason, your insurance company will most likely not compensate you for the monetary loss of installing the tow bar. If you use a tow platform with front-wheel drive vehicles, you'll find that these vehicles don't get added mileage when they use a tow platform.

Unless someone is in the car and is having trouble starting, the towed vehicle must be in neutral when towed. The biggest advantages of towing on a rolling platform are the lower cost of entry and the flexibility of cars that can be towed. It's also important to ensure that your vehicle can be towed with an automatic gearbox, as some cars can't be towed this way. But I prefer the overvoltage brakes on a trailer platform because when you tow the platform without the car on it you can end up blocking the electric brakes.

Yes, it takes longer and is a little more work to load the car onto the towing platform than simply connecting it directly to the motorhome with a four-wheel towing solution. The advantage of towing with a trailer is that it is the safest method of towing a car, however, it can be expensive if you don't have access to your own trailer. Because the front wheels are on the rolling platform, a rolling platform for towing prevents phantom miles from accumulating on the odometer of the towed car.