How much are towing fees in ontario?

In Ontario, towing costs are generally regulated or “fixed rates”. Police in the area where you were accused of acrobatic driving usually have a contract with a group of towing companies, so rates are controlled. For starters, almost all towing services will charge you a connection or base fee, followed by a mileage fee thereafter. However, there have been many cases where motorists have ended up paying more than they should for basic towing services.

For the most part, crane companies operate with honesty and integrity and provide an essential service. Also, keep in mind that the cost of towing a broken car is often significantly lower compared to the towing required after a vehicle collision. The crane company often tries to convince the now-vulnerable driver to be towed to a body shop, even if it is unnecessary. There are a few key factors that determine the cost of a tow truck service, mainly the distance to be towed and the size of the vehicle.

Having the contact of a reliable towing service will be beneficial, especially if you are in a precarious situation. In addition, some credit card companies and car manufacturers offer a free towing service for all their customers. This has been a controversial change, as crane companies claim that the rate is not high enough, yet the rate is in place to protect and help innocent people who need this essential service.