How much does towing cost in montreal?

The rates indicated in the price list include the costs of establishing a continuous towing service that can restore safety and mobility on the road network. They offer excellent dispatch, reliable and helpful customer service, and function as a headache-free towing service. Here are some questions and answers that will help you understand exclusive towing from the streets. The goal is to standardize tariffs and towing practices for vehicles that block traffic and are dangerous so that road users can enjoy the same quality service.

The exclusive towing service was introduced to quickly remove vehicles from the streets that are in a busy place and, consequently, can cause an accident. With the introduction of vehicle-only towing areas that block traffic or are dangerous to other street drivers on the island of Montreal, road users involved in an accident or breakdown should call the exclusive towing company designated for the sector where the accident occurred. Exclusive towing service only applies to vehicles involved in an accident or that have broken down and block traffic or are dangerous. If there is no police officer at the scene, you should dial 9-1-1, and the person receiving the call will put you in contact with the designated towing service.